Throughout history, wood flooring has been found in the most humble to the most opulent of spaces.  From the wide rough-hewn planks used in farm houses, to the intricate parquet patterned floors gracing palaces and castles, wood has been prized for its beauty and warmth.  Designers often specify wood for their projects because it brings a natural element to interior spaces, and because of its durability, availability and ease of installation and maintenance.  However, their creativity has been limited by the traditionally linear strips or planks, most commonly available in the marketplace. 

The Enigma® flooring collection invites you to rethink wood flooring.  The Enigma® line was created to offer truly unique and custom wood flooring designs to the trade.  Consider some of these options—use one of the 16 patterns as a wall to wall flooring installation, mix colors or patterns, or create an inset rug pattern in a traditional plank floor.

Finally, floors become a design element, instead of an afterthought.

Not only is Enigma amazing for flooring but equally stunning for vertical wall applications.  Consider some of these options— use one of the 16 patterns as an alluring ceiling treatment, mix colors and patterns on a wall surface, or combine different wood species on a focal wall niche.


Projection™ adds depth and dimension to your walls, with a series of blocks, in six depths, that can be combined at random or in calculated patterns. Imagine the play of light and shadow, the tactile quality, the warmth of wood, with Projection™ gracing your walls. No longer a simple backdrop for art, your walls become the feature in your space.


Mosaic is the art of creating images through an assemblage of small pieces.  In this case, the pieces are beautifully patterned wood blocks.  The resulting image is varied and ever changing, as the grain patterns swirl and merge across the floor.  Mosaic is finished to your specifications, to create the image you desire for your home.