Refinish your hardwood floors without the dust

At Huggins Hardwood Floors we use the best equipment on the market. Not just for technology but for the best quality outcome for your floor. The dust containment system that we use is unique because it's the most advanced portable dust containment system for hardwood floor sanding. Our system contains 99% of the dust in its confinement, with no need to hang plastic between entry ways, and no exterior doors need to be open for this operation to be preformed. Can you imagine refinishing a floor without dust?

Sanding hardwood floors used to be a dust storm throughout your home. The Atomic® systems utilize powerful vacuums attached to all equipment, extracting the dust from your home or business as it's generated.

Atomic Trailer


The innovative concept of the trailer-mounted Atomic DCS® system, having a gas-powered engine outside your home, significantly increases airflow. The result is a dramatically more powerful system, providing evacuation of the airborne dust that is generated from the entire sanding process.

Atomic 110

The ultimate portable machine for dust-free sanding.
The Atomic DCS® has proven to be the ultimate in power and effectiveness for dust containment; now the Atomic® 110 can go wherever you need it.
From a high-rise building to the interior of a retail shopping mall, the Atomic 110 can go where no Atomic system has gone before.

See the difference. Watch our video to see the Bona Atomic dust containment system and what you can expect from the Bona Environmental Choice System refinishing process.